5 anchors of hypnobirthing v2

Your mental and emotional state plays a huge role in how the birth plays out: whether you experience it as painful, what kinds of interventions take place, and how you share about the experience with others in your community.

I get really excited when a mum or couple come for Birth Coaching sessions.  This is the icing on my cake.  I have to reign in my positivity around birthing a little whilst I explain the ease with which you can experience birth.

The mind/body link is THE key to allowing yourself to feel the powerful states your body and mind can create together.  I explain why the emotional state is so important, and how I can actively support you to work on your beliefs about birth. 

Humans (like any other mammal), need to feel private and safe during labour for our birthing hormones to work as they were intended. Feelings of anxiety and fear activate the sympathetic nervous system putting us into ‘fight/flight/freeze mode’, which not only slows labour, but also makes it a great deal more painful.

When fight or flight mode is activated (by real or perceived danger), the uterus muscles start to work against each other, and the blood is diverted from the uterus to the large muscle groups of the arms and legs. The body essentially tries to shut down the labour so that you can get to safety. This would be really helpful if we did need to run to safety or fight a predator, but is definitely not helpful when the uterus needs that blood supply to perform its important role during the labour.

HYPBIRTH courses or Private 1:1 sessions explain the simplicity of using The 5 Anchors of Hypnobirthing.  Becoming disciplined in using these tools  allows you to be calmly in control, working in harmony with your birthing body.  

Realising that you have the power to move towards your birthing journey with a feeling of confidence and joy is reassuring and amazing!

Warm wishes