med res unfolding flower-1152413_1280

Unfolding, emerging, slowly making itself present….to join the outside world in joy.

Hello yummy tummies.

We are well into the new year and ready to welcome all the wonderful birthing experiences that are happening in a place near you, right now!
Spring is  just around the corner and I am feeling expectant and am already grateful to see many spring bulbs daring to show their faces before their EDD’s (amazing how our brains learn the whole pregnancy jargon thing so quickly and easily).

Today I draw your attention to vocabulary.  In particular the words ’emergence’ and ’emergency’ as discussed by experienced complementary health worker Binnie A Dansby  She reminds us that, so often as we move into the birthing journey all and everything around us can suddenly panic….. it is as if the baby is going to arrive in the next 5 minutes.  This panic feeling can suggest that because our cervix has made it clear that it is already in its ‘expansive’ stage then we have little time.  This is an opportunity to go into our own wisdom, to calm those around us (e.g. our partner, relatives etc).  This is a journey towards ’emergence’ and we ARE in control when we take that responsibility and feel reassured that we are entering into waters that many have entered before us.  The releasing of our own waters allows us to connect with our own inner power that will be invaluable within the birthing journey. So when the time is right and you enter your expansive emerging state remember all your Hypnobirthing inner resources –  and welcome the opening like nature welcomes that unfolding flower.  We can simply trust in our own bodies. Go well, birthing mamas. With expectant love,

If you know anyone who is pregnant and would benefit from my support then please share this with them.
I look forward to helping many powerful women during their birthing journey.


Encouraging pregnant and birthing mamas to re-connect with their inner birthing power.