What is Fastrack?

Condensed courses are suited to those who couldn’t make one of the one-day workshops, those who prefer to work 1:1 or those VERY NEAR THEIR DUE DATE who realise the workshop dates will not work for them. If this is YOU……there is an effective PlanB…….contact me and let’s talk to see how Hypbirth can create a schedule that can give you the ‘I Can’ focus that you seek right now.

How can Fastrack help?

These Fastrack courses contain the same material as the one-day workshop but in a tighter package (Check out What is Hypnobirthing?). They may be held 1:1 in your home which can be very comforting and an easier option if you are finding moving around a little more challenging. They offer space for you to have your individual questions and fears addressed and come with dedicated, personalised recordings for your daily practice. Sometimes couples prefer to work 1:1 with Hypbirth even within an early time-scale and I can work at a time suited to your needs by agreement.

How are Fastrack Sessions delivered?

3 Sessions Programme

Approx. 4 hours + 2 Recordings (total cost £330)

Before 30 weeks (more than 10 weeks before due date)

Sessions are nicely spaced and it gives you regular personal contact. You will use the recording (daily is recommended always).

At the first session we chat about what you would like to achieve. I gather information regarding any areas you are fearful about and I take you into hypnosis so you are familiar with the feeling. At the second session you get your recording to keep you calm throughout the pregnancy. At the third session you receive another recording to guide you through the birth, healing, breastfeeding, bonding with your baby and getting your figure back in about two weeks to your pre-pregnancy size and weight.

1st Session 90 minutes £100
2nd Session (1 week after 1st session) 1 hour (£70) + Recording (£30) £100
3rd Session (6 weeks before birth) 90 minutes (£100) + Recording (£30) £130

2 Sessions Programme

Approx. 3 hours plus 1 Recording (total cost £230)

Between 30 – 34 weeks (6-10 weeks until due date)

The sessions are similar to those above but targeted due to timing and have space to discuss things you may be worried about. You will receive one recording which you need to listen to regularly, preferably every day.

The first session will introduce self-hypnosis followed by information about birth physiology/ the female body and how you can have a wonderfully natural childbirth.

1st Session 90 minutes £100
2nd Session (1 – 2 weeks after 1st session) 90 minutes (£100) + Recording (£30) £130

1 Session Programme

Approx 2.5 hours + 1 Recording (total cost £200)

After 34 weeks (less than 6 weeks until due date) This is Fastrack at it’s best!

It’s still not too late to lean fantastic techniques that will change your birthing experience. It is VITAL that you listen to the recording every day.

The half hour telephone session really pinpoints what you want help with and prepares you for the 2hour visit where the hypnobirthing course will be really condensed ensuring that you are aware of all the proven techniques that can make the difference to your birthing experience.

2 weeks to go? It’s still not too late to make a difference. Call me.

½ hour telephone session £35
2 hour face to face £135
1 Recording £30

Partner Partcipation

In an ideal world your partner would attend these sessions as they play such an important role and I would encourage you to consider this. Alternatively these sessions can be completed by the mum to be. Why not gather another couple with a similar due date and work with them too?

Please visit the Contact Page or Call Hypbirth when you are ready to enquire about availability.

Other Classes

Here at Hypbirth we offer multiple other classes that can help you during your pregnancy and even in everyday life. We run Workshops, Refresher Sessions and various other 1 on 1 classes.

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