Eek!  I’m 40wks+  now what?

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It’s arrived… that date….. your app, diary and hospital notes are telling you –  you are ‘cooked’, you have reached your destination and your ‘ride’ is about to begin!  Lots of us like to know when things are about to happen, it appeals to our sense of staying in control. The phrase you are most likely to hear from everyone (as they all express their excitement) becomes as boring as mashed potato on a Friday night……’when is that baby coming out’?

Those of us who are on one side of the EDD (Estimated Due Date) have never had to cope with this added attention.  My two were 7days and 10 days ‘to the left’ of this date.  I deliberately stay clear of saying ‘early’ because this means that those who birth ‘to the right’ of this date are, therefore, ‘late’ and that seems to be less than positive in the circumstances you find yourself in.
In a caring, hypnobirthing way I want to reassure you that only 5% of babies are actually born on their ‘due dates’ and that this date is an average calculation which does not even seem to take into consideration the length of a woman’s cycle.
So, what to do when you have reached this mystical EDD?

See my recipe for sweet Induction…
Firstly, DO NOTHING, YES, DO NOTHING…..apart from increasing the relaxation and humour that surrounds you.  Involve your birthing partner in helping create this supportive environment.  Carry on your life as normal.  Cook, bake, dance, sing, paint, garden.  It is the perceptions of being hounded by textbook datelines that causes stress and is likely to pre-long induction.  Go often into your ‘safe space’, listen to your hypnobirthing mp3 music, mantra your positive affirmations (creating some new ones especially for this time).

  • One juicy mama, open minded and well-rehearsed in hypnobirthing techniques
  • Raspberry leaf tea every day from 32 weeks
  • Eat 4-7 dates a day from week 36
  • Drink lots of fresh pineapple juice and/or smoothies (including woody bit) week 36


Ease off engaging on social media and face to face interactions where you KNOW people will ask you ‘that’ question.

  • Re-read the previous paragraph often…..’DO NOTHING…other than T.R.U.S.T.
  • Really spend time talking with your birth supporter as to how you will negotiate with medical assistants e.g. midwives, doctors around this EDD.  Use your protective bubble to keep negativity out and shield yourself from their opinions that may be less than positive.  14 days is a long time so THERE IS NO RUSH to be persuaded (obviously where medical challenges are present we must uphold the professionalism of our medical teams).  Read up on your birthing rights


  • Book a session of maternal reflexology and/or acupuncture/acupressure (from a qualified professional)
  • Walk often as briskly as your bump will allow.  Try walking up and down your stairs sideways to move your pelvis(hold on to the rail)
  • Sit quietly several times a day for short periods and do your breathing exercises alongside visualising your cervix knowing just when to open, helped by baby
  • Talk with baby frequently and let them know you want their input
  • Have a go at massaging your cervix (you may need the help of a partner)
  • Increase oxytocin by introducing semen into your vagina as often as is comfortable (prostaglandins in the semen help ripen the cervix)
  • Indulge in long sessions of tenderness and massage from your birthing partner to stimulate your oxytocin and totally bring you down into your body
  • Get yourself into quiet spaces where you can.  Animals always retreat into a soft, quiet space. Oxytocin is heightened in dark, private places.  The energy and surroundings that got the baby in will get the baby out. Eat strawberries dipped in dripping sexy chocolate (not if you have diabetes of course)
  • Engage oxytocin by getting emotional!  Yes, get emotional either laughing or crying……play that funny or sad movie and enjoy the laughs or weeps induced by recalling past events, look at old photos, funny photos.
  • Get tender with your nipples (alone or with your partner) stimulate them for around 10mins each side, then shift to the other.  You need to keep this up for quite a while… around 2hrs and you may notice sensations as they are connected to your oxytocin production – your cervix needs to be ripe enough, so do not get frustrated if this does not prove a winner for you at that particular time.
  • Stimulate your bowels…..being next to your uterus one can affect a response on the other.


TRUST YOUR POWERFUL  BIRTHING   BODY it will happen in its own sweet time.  If you do end up going to 42 weeks, then, this is simply moving your target to Plan B where all of your hypnobirthing tools apply.
YOU ARE A BIRTHING GODDESS  (however this baby arrives) and are following a generational pathway full of trust and awe.

I wish you joy and love on your onward journey
Go well, Birthing Goddess,

Ruth @hypbirth

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