I bring great tidings.  The Hypbirth website has now been launched and is ready to welcome visitors.

I am Ruth – welcome to my baby (website)!  I hope you enjoy reading the HypBirth news and find my approach helpful in your personal growth through birthing.

I am excited by the idea of using my own experience and talents to create a space where women can inquisitively discover their unique power and use that to the most amazing effect in birthing their babies.

My own births were very different and both wonderful.  After a very long first labour I decided that next time I was going to be even more prepared and take responsibility for my own birthing experience.  At the time I was unaware of the existence of hypnobirthing courses and so worked out my own plan for success, which worked wonderfully.  A five hour labour and the most intense personal experience followed and I was in awe of what my body was just getting on with.

HYPBIRTH courses offer time and space for women to discover their inner female power in preparation for the miracle of birth.  They are based on the principles of self-hypnosis used in hypnobirthing and the whole mind-body connection.  Once we take responsibility for ourselves and realise our power we can achieve anything.

Please have a good browse, maybe over a mince pie or two!

My courses are based in West Wickham, Kent.  This is within easy distance of Bromley, Beckenham, Croydon and S.E. London by car or public transport.
The first course is scheduled for Saturday 23 January 10-4pm. See website for all the details.

Learn how to move from fear to freedom in a day by attending a one-day workshop or contact me for 1:1 private sessions on hypnobirthing or for any other issues you are having as you grow and nurture this wonderful human inside.

Remember, something magic happens when your mind and body are in an intimate dance.

Let’s hope I am able to support you during this amazing transition.

Please forward this email to anyone you think would benefit from the information and/or support.  Thank you.

Loving thoughts to you and your family this Christmas time.


0208 467 7409

When the mind and the pelvis work together in harmony, magic happens.