What are Refresher Sessions?

If you already have children, have previously used a calming method of childbirth and would like to re-fresh the principles of hypnobirthing then I would be delighted to work with you.

Just spending a short time re-connecting with a professional hypnobirther can ensure that you create the best possible space for yourself as B-DAY approaches. A Refresher Session can re-ignite your commitment to hypnobirthing as a successful birthing tool. Feel confident in your ability to create the best birth for you and baby.

How are Refresher Sessions delivered?

This can usually be done over at least one session and possibly 1:1 unless there are a few people at the time looking for this.

Why not get a few friends together and share a relaxing review of your inner power to birth your baby easily. It is amazing how quickly the brain shifts into the previous powerful groove and remembers all that you learned on your previous course (with me or another practitioner).

You may want to focus on previous birth experiences where building new confidence can ensure a great outcome e.g. if you had some challenges last time and these memories are sabotaging your otherwise optimistic outlook we can work to change this.

If you had a previous C-Section and want to try for a normal birth then 1:1 sessions with Hypbirth can give you the best opportunity to prepare for a new and different experience.


Refresher sessions are more individualised and I would suggest you make contact so we can discuss your needs in more details.

Partner Partcipation

In an ideal world your partner would attend these sessions as they play such an important role and I would encourage you to consider this. Alternatively these sessions can be completed by the mum to be. Why not gather another couple with a similar due date and work with them too?

Please visit the Contact Page or Call Hypbirth when you are ready to enquire about availability. Making contact at your earliest opportunity can give you the opportunity to consider booking later so please do not hesitate to give me a call or email and I will see how we can help you now.

Course venue can be arranged to suit and costing depends on these variables but we should be able to get your F5 button ‘refreshed’ from £99 per person/couple according to need.

Other Classes

Here at Hypbirth we offer multiple other classes that can help you during your pregnancy and even in everyday life. We run Workshops, Fast Track Sessions and various other 1 on 1 classes.

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