What is Hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing - Baby in blanket A Hypnobirthing course merges the skills of self-hypnosis/relaxation with other techniques enabling you to connect with your labour in a way that allows you to feel more in control and enables you to trust in your own abilities during your stages of pregnancy and labour.

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 How will Hypnobirthing help me?

How will Hypnobirthing help me - Pregnant Lady If you secure your place on a Hypbirth course anytime from your 20 week scan it can help you approach birth labour in a more trusting way. It encourages your patience and discipline with new knowledge and techniques and gives you a great sense of doing something proactive to have the best birth for you on the day.

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 What will Hypnobirthing teach me?

What will Hypnobirthing teach me - Lady during pregnancy Committing to a course with Hypbirth will teach you that you can choose which mindset you want to use during your pregnancy and labour. Once you understand the importance of the mind/body in birthing the Hypnobirthing course teaches you how to harness that power to cope with pregnancy and labour more easily and effortlessly.

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