What will Hypnobirthing with Hypbirth Teach Me?

Most importantly, Hypbirth wants you to realise how powerful you are, just as you are! You will be encouraged to frame your birthing experience as something that allows you to discover your amazing qualities and to remember this… way beyond birthing and the first months. The things you will learn at Hypbirth can literally change your outlook on your life, if you choose.

You are embarking on an amazing journey of self-discovery with the most fantastic outcome of a beautiful new life, which is growing and being nurtured by your body, as you read!

  • Our time together teaches you many proven techniques including:
  • hypnosis for pregnancy and labour
  • breathing tools for deep relaxation
  • visualisations and imagining
  • use of colour for healing
  • the art of being in the present moment (mindfulness)
  • using hypnosis to induce anaesthesia
  • using EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help with a range of related anxieties
  • looking at language patterns – how we give hidden messages through our conversations (Neuro Lingustic Programming)

Previous Birthing Experiences:

Hypbirth can also work with mothers who have had previous birth experiences that may not have developed in the way they wanted. If you are a mother with experience of Cesarean Section or previous birth trauma and you want to enable yourself to have an alternative birthing experience then I would be really willing to show you how you can re-frame that experience and tap into the now to build yourself new memories. pregnant-mindset

Please do not hesitate to have a chat with me to further explain ways you can empower yourself to birth just the way you want to. I am always ready to listen.

Taking this positive step will allow you to move from fear to freedom in a day and enable you to be fully present in the birth of your beautiful baby ‘the Hypbirth way’.

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